How do I get a brilliant essay in 6 hours?

‘This is the greatest story I’ve ever told anyone’. That was the first line of my university essay. I was highly impressed when I received it from EssayPedia, an essay writing service.

Student’s life is complicated, you know. I’ve been through it all. I know what it’s like.

My name is Eva Gallegos. I recently graduated from Texas University. And I’m here to share my experience with you.

I found a mass of opinions on different chats about ‘the best and the worst last minute essay writing services’. I won’t criticize them here, but instead, I would make my own claim: you don’t have to be a coach in this ‘sport’ to make your paper really brilliant, believe me.

Honestly, I’m not a writer at all, but I always used to win. ‘Guys, I need to write essay in one night. HELP!’ Have you ever been in such kind of situation? Seems to me everybody had.

Remember typing scene from a Bruce Almighty movie where he does it as a demon? Sometimes I wish I could type the same way!

Bruce typing

Of course, you was hoping you could rely on a muse coming at the last minute. Or an adrenaline forcing you to write a masterpiece and meet your deadline. But none of the above guaranteed to appear at time you need it the most.

Monday, the 10th of December was an extremely important date for me. It was commonly known as a deadline. Essay was to be a final paper in grades for the semester calculation. So, I thought it’s going to be kind of a DISASTER (where I have no chance to survive).

I needed to make my decision which of two ways to follow:

  1. Restless night + doubtful quality essay + money saved
  2. Restful sleep + high quality essay + money spent

After some attempts to tackle process on my own I decided to follow the second way. And I had no regrets.

The working principle of all essay writing services is almost the same. You need to place your order in advance (minimum 3 hours before). Then, to make a payment. Fortunately, I had 6 hours left.

While your order is handled, you can provide your writer with additional documents on paper details. Finally, you receive essay finished before the specified deadline.

From the huge range of essay writing services I’d like to point out these ones:

Professional Writers and Editors at Your Service Right Here

Professional Writing Services Starting at 10 Page. Only Custom Writing

Essay Writing Service

Paper Writing Service You Can Trust. Custom Writing of the Highest Quality Only

Given the fact that each has its own advantages and disadvantages, these 4 are the best essay writing services I’ve ever worked with.

Two things matter more than anything else for me: the quality of the paper and the deadline. Honestly, the quality of EssayPedia essays is the highest one. But maybe I’m simply a hypercritic:)

I always tried to provide writers with extra details on my essay in order to avoid future revisions. Often I did it by downloading additional documents and through messaging system. It was pretty convenient to stay in touch with the writer 24\7.

By the way, these services allow you to choose which writer to work with. I always preferred to stay with the previous one.

There are a mass of samples placed on its sites. You can easily check whether the quality of papers is satisfactory for you or not.

I like these 4 services because the deadline date is always met by writers. The same can’t be said about other options. So I was never breaking out in a cold sweat when the deadline approached.

However, the system of meeting deadlines is well-elaborated. You’ll be proposed to set first deadline for the draft paper. If it doesn’t reach your expectations you may set the second one for the draft to be improved. Anyway you’re going to receive a high quality paper just in time.

Over the time of using essay writing services I’ve noticed that some of them promise to handle your order under 7$ per page. Never fall for it, guys! These papers are usually plagiarized, so the uniqueness of the content is doubtful.

Within my recollection I’ve ordered almost any type of paper: from critical thinking to creative writing. And every single time I was pretty pleased with it.

I need nothing more to make sure I made a right decision when I opened my paper and saw ‘A+’. Sometimes it’s better to take the risk and stay smart than to live without trying to change a single-minded person inside yourself.

That’s why I’ve never failed my papers. That’s why I always win.


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